“Reiki with a Jessica! Do we talk about the session or do we talk about how amazing Jessica is?!? Let’s do both! I first met Jessica at a yoga class, I’m the girl who’s always at the back of the class and somehow Jessica’s amazing energy reached me clear across the room. She was so cheerful and so humbling, I knew I had to figure more out about this amazing human being that was shining brighter than a diamond right before my eyes. The following week she had a reiki workshop at the yoga studio. It was my first time experiencing reiki and It was wonderful! I got to learn a little bit more about the practice and it’s healing benefits. I continued attending Jessica’s yoga classes and saw how amazing and cheerful she was and it reminded me of who I used to be and who I yearned to be. 
I felt lost, not myself, empty, frustrated and just overall sad. I became a shell of myself and knew something had to change, if Jessica can radiate light in every color after all she’s been through, so can I! I sent her a message and asked about her one on one Reiki healing session. I explained to her my recent struggles and where I wish to be. She immediately took me in that weekend and that’s were the magic began, literally! During our session I began to feel an abundance of emotions pour out of my chest and at that very moment I figured out why I had been feeling the way I was feeling. Her energy was so powerful and so healing, I felt this heat radiating all over my body, it was magical! It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. At the end of our session, she went over some feed back she got while performing Reiki and she was so spot on about everything! It was time for me to go and as I walked out the fog that was blurring the way I saw the outside world was gone. Everything seemed so much more brighter. I sat in my car and cried my eyes out. It was tears of happiness, relief and overall acceptance of my daily struggles. I will continue my healing journey with Jessica and recommend you do to!” – Mayra ________________________________________________________________________________________________

“I had heard about reiki a while back and was intrigued about it, but given that I am a skeptical person I never tried it. When presented with the opportunity to have a session with Jessica I thought this was the perfect moment to try it. I’ve known Jessica for a little awhile and she is a person I deeply admire. One of the qualities I admire is her amazing calming and happy energy that she somehow spreads to everyone around her. 
Before the reiki session, I set myself to have no expectations, I tried to be opened to all possibilities. I was amazed by the experience, to feel such energy during the session, allowing hidden emotions to rise and even the peaceful state that I felt the days that followed. 
I hope to continue my work with Jessica. If you also have the chance to work with Jessica, don’t miss it, I am sure you will love it as much as I did.” – R.C ________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Jessica hosted a private yoga session for me and my gals the night before my wedding. It was a restorative yoga session. My interest in having Jessica and a private hour was to remind my gals of how important self care is….whether that’s take a moment for gratitude, check in with your body or meditation. Jessica provided a relaxing, yet body rejuvenating session. 
It was memorable, honoring to ourselves, as well as a much wanted challenge.”
Esther ________________________________________________________________________________________________

I had the pleasure to meet Jessica and be part of one of her private yoga classes. Jessica is a sweet, kind, beautiful person. During the session, I felt peace, stress free and just an amazing feeling!! The energy was great, there is something in her voice and the love she puts into it that made me feel connected with my inner self. Thank you Jessica you are amazing!! – Nayeli ________________________________________________________________________________________________

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