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After dabbling for about decade in my yoga practice, I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in August of 2016 at age 32. For those who have experienced a diagnosis like this, you will understand, but for those that haven’t: your perspective changes. How you see the world, your life and what really matters dramatically shifts. Everything that is important comes into focus clearly, allowing that which never really mattered to fade away. For me, my priorities became my health, self-care and family.  With that, I came to focus on all the ways I could support myself in addition to traditional methods and this is when all-things energy medicine really became a pillar for me. Not only did it carry me into recovery, but it has become something that I continue to choose to build my life around. 

I've found that I am incredibly passionate about supporting others, no matter where they find themselves on their journey. I thrive on building individual relationships with the people I work with and helping them find expansion within their body, mind and spirit. I have found that even within the yoga community, competition and comparison are still found. In my work, I am often prioritizing the centering within one’s self and reminding those practicing with me that there is no “right” way of being. My primary goal, whether in class or in private reiki/yoga sessions, is that everyone leaves feeling more able to meet their lives more intimately and better prepared to face any challenges they encounter with courage.

Being certified in yoga for cancer recovery, I am passionate about making yoga accessible for every body and ability. The teachings I received are applicable for anyone who finds that standard yoga classes fall short of their individual needs. As someone who has gone through the major physical and emotional trauma accompanied with my diagnosis, I am experienced and well equipped to serve others as they reconnect to their own bodies, learn to listen to that little voice inside and honor themselves after a lifetime of being taught otherwise.

Aside from yoga and all things affirmations... I am a wife, a mother of two tiny humans and a hard core sweatpants lover.